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Friday, 23 December 2016

Stop the Cavalry

Played at Holmes Chapel Chess Club last evening -

Holmes Chapel              V       Marple A       Stockport Lge. Div. One  22/12/2016

1 S Clarke                  0.5/0.5   D Fernandez
2 JLB Blackburn          0-1     M Fernandez
3 P Bennett                 0.5/0.5  G Trueman
4 JM Turner                 1-0      P Kirby
5 M Hancock                1-0      C Baker
6 I Bates                        1-0      D Preen


I've only time for a brief report. This was a difficult match as we experienced several problems in the build up and major difficulties in getting all our players to the venue. Ian and everyone at HC was very helpful and generous, if they had wanted to insist on the clocks being started at 7.30 we may well have lost 6-0....
It was great to see Daniel playing for Marple again and  457 grading points for two siblings must be a competition record but we were still definite underdogs  as Holmes Chapel had managed to assemble the strongest side I have ever seen them field in a Stockport League  match. The fact was on boards 3-6 we were outgraded by an average of 20 points per board.
Everyone gave it their best shot but unfortunately it wasn't enough as HCs terrific strength in depth eventually told. In the last game of the evening to finish Michael produced another nice finish providing  some respectability and taking his own score for the season  to a very impressive 4/4.
Many thanks to all who played/drove particularly Chris who ended up with additional driving duties and David who stepped in at the last minutes.
Seasons Greetings to everyone.

Friday, 2 December 2016


Played at the Navigation last evening -

Marple A                             V                Macclesfield A     Stockport Lge Div One  :01/12/16:

1 M Fernandez                   1-0               A Soames
2 I Craft                               1-0              G Lawrence
3 G Trueman                    0.5/0.5           D Risley
4 I Astudillo                        1-0               P Cattermole
5 P Kirby                            0-1                C Sizeland
6 C Baker                         0.5/0.5            N Evans


Plans for this match were disrupted when 45 minutes before kick off we lost one player metaphorically and one literally. Fortunately Chris was able to step in at zero notice  and Igor was rescued from deepest Mancunia by Isaac so we were still able to field a strong team. The one unfortunate consequence for Paul and I was that as we would now be playing on odd numbered   boards our outlook darkened.

I don't have time for much of a match report but there were good wins for Isaac and Igor on debut and also for Michael who produced an exquisite Bishop sac on b2 to finish matters.To my mind this was more aesthetically pleasing that Magnus' Qh6 job the previous evening. With draws from Chris and myself we were over the line. Paul was unfortunate , he came out of the opening on top but Chris Sizeland eventually turned matters round in the last game of the evening to finish.

Many thanks to all who played/drove  and to Neil and persons unknown who set everything up.