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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

British Championship Round Up

Fantastic results for players with Marple connections at the British Championships in Aberwys Aberyst Aberws - Oh well West Wales

Daniel is British Under 21 Champion with a score of 7/11 and a TPR of 2507

Michael won the  prize for "Most  Improved Performance below 2200" with 6.5/11 and a TPR of 2336

Keith came equal third with 7.5/11 and a TPR of 2448

Many congratulations to all.

A final thought for any statisticians - have two brothers ever before scored 13.5/22 at the British but not won the "Brothers Championship" if such a thing existed?


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Revenge for the B Team

Played at Marple Conservative Club 28/07/14

Marple B      Chorlton D

C Baker   1-0  M Tebelev
T Cowling 1-0 H Hughes
D Preen    1-0 D Fault
T Kay      0-1   D Otto
T Doust   0.5-0.5 S Underwood
N Dainty  1-0  B Johnson

             4.5 -1.5

Neil has asked me to report on this match. I don't mind doing so but I didn't actually see that much. For example I was looking at Chris' game and finally realised my attempted analysis was useless as that piece lurking in the gloom at f6 was actually a Rook and not a Knight....However three of the games were demonstrated to me after the match  in a post-mortem that lasted until 11.40....

Chorltons board 3 failed to show so from a match view this was an excellent start, though a wasted evening for David. When I arrived Tony (Kay) was trying to hold a difficult position where Black had complete control of the g file. I didn't see the end but it was one of those positions where in practice the defenders task is nigh on impossible. I also saw little of Terrys win but it was another victory for the Cowling variation of the Catalan.

Tony (Doust) had a great scrap on the Black side of English V Dutch encounter. Whites play in the Opening was quite sophisticated akin, to Korchnois play against Spasskys  Dutch  in the Candidates final  1977-78.  This isn't the easiest way to play particularly at fast time limits and Tony always had counterplay. Eventually material reduced to  a possible K+P V  K position. To my surprise a draw was immediately agreed but this only showed how well both sides understood this particular ending  as Tony had the opposition and there was no way through for White.

Neil faced what I think is the most solid variation in chess, the...Nd7 Caro (Some think the ..Bf5 lines are even more solid but games from the  current British Championship suggest otherwise to me). Neil came out of the opening with a plus and a Queenside pawn majority. Blacks structure of pawns  on  a6 and  c5 suggested to me using the c4 square but Neil  crashed through with b4 and was rewarded with a nice win which was assured once the Black Knight reached a8.

For the second time in a week Chris played a terrific game with Black against Chorlton once again proving the superiority of his Knight against a White Bishop and beating higher graded opposition.  The Opening was interesting as Chris didn't seem to think too much of the 4a3 line against the Queens Indian. His approach perhaps should have been used by all the GMs  who were carved up by a young Kasparov in this line in the early 1980s.  Mr Tebelev is a strong player and he found some very interesting ideas but Chris' Knight and passed pawns on the Kingside secured the win.

This was an excellent result for the B team against opposition that had early in the season beaten us 6-0 . I would be very interested to see analysis of the games from any of our players.