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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Charnley Cup Final Result

Match card from Tuesday night

Stockport Marple
1 A Reeve 0 1 K Arkell
2 P Cawley 0.5 0.5 J Bentley
3 D Toole 0 1 A Longson
4 P Siddall 0.5 0.5 A Walton
5 D Sheppard 0.5 0.5 M Fernandez
6 M Tunstall 0.5 0.5 S Hegarty
2 4

An interesting match that felt quite close.  It started well for us, Alan won a pawn early on and Keith had a pleasant position and big lead on the clock.  However Sarah and Michael both looked under a bit of pressure - though I was reasonably confident they would be able to hold as they were playing weaker players than themselves.  The advantage of being worse on the lower boards is that in the event of a tie, cup matches are decided by eliminating first the bottom board then working up - so it suited us to have the advantage on the higher boards.

Keith won quite early and Alan's game fizzled out into a draw after some inaccuracies.  Sarah sensibly took a draw which left us in a decent position.  Paul offered John a draw on board 2 which probably wasn't the wisest decision given the match situation and after a quick check of the other boards John accepted.

So we were one up with 2 games remaining and board count was on our side - we just needed a half point from the remaining 2.  When I heard Michael had agreed a draw I was relieved as it meant I could play for a win safe in the knowledge that if I lost we would still win on board count.  In an exciting time scramble I won on time (I was thankfully winning by this point) and the match finished 4- 2 in our favour.

Thanks all for playing this year - everyone has contributed to a great season for the club - our acheivements can be summarised as follows:

Division A champions
Charnley Cup winners
Divison B runners up (1 game point!!)
Division C runners up
Manchester League - respectable mid table showing


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

End of the Stockport League Season - Some amazing statistics

I don't know whether Alex will have time to post anything, so I would like to say congratulations to all who helped win the Charnley Cup! (Last evenings score Marple 4 Stockport 2).

Also even if he does I suspect Alex will be too modest to point out his win took him to an unprecedented, Fischeresque 15/15 final score for the season. I should also mention our other hunred percenter Daniel who scored 6/6.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Marple C V Denton B Monday 28 April

The Division 2 season came to an end with this match -

Marple C  V Denton B  28/04/14

1 I Lentzos     0.5/0.5  D Boulden
2 S Hegarty     1-0      T Hilton
3 S Hewitt        0-1      J Ryan
4 G Trueman   1-0      F Moan
5 N Livesey    0.5/0.5  D Holt
6 P Kirby          1-0     C Vigier


I think all likely readers of this will be aware of the circumstances of this match and I won't repeat them here. To come within one board point point of winning this league considering all the adversity we have faced is in my view a great effort and I would like to thank all who have played or been involved this season.