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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Marple v Macclesfield

Second Tier Cup



1.    Paul Kirby (158)
Chris Sizeland (151)
2.    Nigel Livesey (147)
Phil Cattermole (141)
3.    Andy Jenkins (127)
Tony Brough (134)
4.    Chris Baker (126)
Ray Pomeroy (132)
5.    Asid Siddiq (122)
Mike Renshaw (127)

The gradings for this match were very well balanced and a very tense and exciting match was the result. Marple played white on odd boards.

Andy's game was the first to finish and I didn't really follow very closely as I was dealing with complications of my own. From what I could see, the advantage swung from Andy back to Tony before a drawish endgame position was reached. Andy asked me if he could agree a draw and I consented.

My game was a Sicilian Najdorf and Ray played a quiet positional line with 6. Be2 and 7. N(d4)f3. Shortly afterwards he blundered a piece but got a strong King's side attack as compensation. I managed to find an effective defence and I had a straightforward win when the attack died down. (Marple 1.5 Macclesfield 0.5).

Sid told me afterwards that, having practiced the English all week and getting the white pieces he played e4 out of habit! I think the opening was a Sicilian Dragon and the game was very even right through the middle game. Sid even rejected a couple of draw offers from his opponent. Unfortunately he blundered a piece after the queens came off and the result was then inevitable . (Marple 1.5 Macclesfield 1.5).

I didn't see much of either Paul's or Nigel's games until mine was over. However, Nigel seemed to be doing well with a very mobile Q side pawn majority and an extra pawn. His uncastled king was a bit exposed though and suffered a series of checks that saw it walk round via c3 in front of the centre pawns to eventually reach a safer haven on g3. This was an extraordinary feat as the king was open to checks from queen, rook and bishop. Nigel looked completely calm throughout and I really don't know whether Phil could have at least managed a perpetual check. Perhaps Nigel will circulate his game - I would like to see it. As soon as his king was safe, Nigel launched a winning counter attack and Phil's flag dropped in a lost position. (Marple 2.5 Macclesfield 1.5).

Paul was white against a King's Indian Defence and the position became very blocked but Chris had a space advantage and pressure down the half open b file. Paul's king was sitting uncomfortably on b3 surrounded by pawns and pieces such that, although not under immediate attack, it could not retreat to a safer haven. The h file was also open. Chris seemed to handle the situation very well and, with both players running short of time, the position opened up into a queen and pawn endgame which Chris won. Paul may have missed a draw via checking - only post analysis will tell.

So the final score was Marple 2.5 Macclesfield 2.5 but Marple win via tie break - i.e. bottom board elimination.

Chris Baker

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Tony Doust and I were thrown into the den of high-graded lions for the second night running.  Me as driver, scribe and captain (i.e. i had to write the teamsheet out) and Tony as a last minute replacement for Paul who was still unwell.  Between us we managed to create an exciting evening for a packed chess room.

I had the black side  of a KIA against Rotislav Raichev, who had recently drawn with Glenn.  Perhaps dark side would be more accurate because, although  I played reasonably well by my standards, Rotislav proceeded to give me a lesson in how I should play my KIA with white.  I eventually succumbed to a Kingside attack which my own fianchetto was supposed to negate.  At least I can learn from this.  0-1.

Tony Doust faced ex-Marple favourite Francis Moan and put up a good fight but he too lost.  0-2.

Meanwhile on Board Four Tony Kay was a piece down and seemed to me to have no chances.  He had sacrificed a piece only for John Ryan to find a solution.  However this game warmed up when Tony went into the endgame with three kingside pawns against one.   John had two queenside passed pawns, supported by  two knights against Tony's bishop.  A nicely timed Kf6 entered the square of the pawn on b4, stopping it in it's tracks..  Excitement grew as Tony pushed his pawns  to g3 and f3 with his Bishop supporting and the white king forced back to g1.  Unfortunately the game swung in Denton's favour when white brought a knight back just in time and exchanged it for the two pawns.  John went on push his pawns and Tony resigned.     0-3.

Andy was by now two pieces up which became a rook and bishop.  He had won a pawn early in the game and his opponent became over aggressive and suffered the consequences.  It seemed a comfortable win for Andy.  1-3 - game on.

John had gained a space advantage early on with a supported pawn safe on e6.  His opponent had RQR on the h file but no real threat.  A simple pawn move at the right moment (which was about half an hour after yours truly thought was the right moment) split open Pablo's defence and mate soon followed.  2-3.

Jamie's game had seemed congested for sometime but he had a slight space advantage.  After an eventual trading of pieces he emerged with strong chances of queening a pawn but little time left on his clock.  The tension grew but he kept cool and converted.  3-3.

Not the way we intended, but that is how Tony and I created an exciting night for all present!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Match Result: Marple D vs Stockport C: 14th October 2013

Marple D played their first home match on Monday 14th October against Stockport
C.  The match was very closely fought with Stockport C finally clinching the win.
Marple D                  Stockport C
Nigel Livesey    1-0    John Kelly
Tony Kay           0-1    David Preen
Andy Jenkins    0-1    Marc Jackson
Terry Cowling   1-0    Ian Anderson
Trefor Thomas  0-1    Anthony Prime

Total                  2-3

On board 1,Nigel had a quick win when his opponent allowed a right royal
skewer.  Tony K, on board 2, had the white pieces against David Preen
and played Bird's opening.  This led to a complex static position with
few exchanges until much later.  I found it hard to work out what was
going on in this game but when it eventually simplified Black seemed to
have the better of it.  Andy's game simplified quickly when the queens
came off and a pair of minor pieces were exchanged to give an even
looking position with d and e files open. Marc managed to win a pawn
which eventually proved enough to win. Terry faced a King's Indian on
board 4, but emerged with control over the open f file and a strong
plus.  Although comfortably in control there were a few anxious moments
(for me anyway) before Terry forced a resignation.  I didn't see the
opening stages of Trefor's game but it moved rapidly towards an endgame
with rook and knight each, but crucially Black had doubled pawns on the
c and f files. After the rooks came off it was impossible to defend the

Thanks to all who played.  The next Marple D match is against Marple E
on November 11th

Match Result - Chorlton v Marple, 22nd October

A sobering experience last night in the Manchester League

Chorlton                                              Marple

Hope Mkhumba, 188           0.5  0.5   Alex Longson, 216
Ron Doney, 176                   1.0  0.0   Sarah Hegarty, 182
Daniel Lee, 178                    1.0  0.0   Paul Kirby, 158
Phil Olbison, 166                 0.5  0.5   Ioannis Lentzos
Chris Vassilou, 173              1.0  0.0  Tony Doust, 107
Dave Knox, 157                   1.0  0.0   Neil Dainty, 86
WALKOVER                       1.0  0.0

                                              6.0  1.0

A difficult week in terms of arranging fixtures with a number of people away or ill.  Thanks to everyone who played; Paul for playing when clearly not well and Tony + Neil for walking into the Lions Den and playing significantly higher graded players.

Marple were black on odds.

My game was a Sicilian 6.Bc4 which seemed liked a reasonably accurate game.  Hope had hoped for an edge playing against my backward d6 pawn but I had sufficient counterplay on the queenside.  Hope could have played on at the end I think although a draw was probably a fair result.

Sarah seemed to be significantly better in her game but lost her way in the complications.  she now joins me in having a minus one score against Ron!

Paul's opponent is a very decent player and seemed to play a good game, resulting in a win in a technical queen endgame.

Ioannis's game seemed very complicated.  I though he was worse but apparently found a nice tactic to save the game.

Tony put up a good fight against Chris in a Dutch setup but was eventually ground down.

Neil's game was a Kings Indian Attack and he too was ground down in the end.  Needless to say his opponent Dave Knox is very undergraded and was over 200 in his pomp.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Last night's game saw us out-graded on every board and the result showed it,  I hope to post my game shortly; perhaps other players can post a comment on their game.

21/10/13 Marple E     Macclesfield B

1             111 T. Thomas 0 1 T. Brough         134
2             107 A. Doust 0 1 R. Pomeroy      132
3             104 J. Barlow 0.5 0.5 R. Murphy       120
4              86 N. Dainty 0 1 T. Robson        101
5              76 B Edwards 0 1 D. Mallinson      86
Match result Marple E 0.5 4.5 Macclesfield B

Marple C V Stockport B

Here is the result of last nights Stockport League Division 2 match.

Marple C    V   Stockport B   21/10/2013

1  S Hegarty    1       M Taylor  0
2 G Trueman   0.5    M  Tunstall 0.5
3 N Livesey     0.5    D Sheppard 0.5
4  T Kay           0        M Crowther  1
5  A Siddiq      0     A Coe          1
6  A Jenkins     1     J Barber   0

                         3                        3

An eventful match concluded with honours even.  First to finish was Tony who fell foul of some devastating Mike Crowther tactics. After  missing the chance for a slight advantage I was forced to reach the sanctuary of an opposite colour Bishop ending or be in an inferior. position. Nigel had a more interesting draw in which  his opponent Dan later thought both  sides had  chances at various times. Sid making his Marple debut was eventually ground down by a very experienced campaigner.
So 1-3 and looking bleak when the cavalry arrived in the shape of Andy who had a nice win against Jill and in the last game to finish Sarah who demonstrated the superiority of her beautifully centralised Knight on e5 against Mike Taylors unfortunately placed Black square Bishop.
Thanks to all who played -particularly Sarah who stepped in at the last minute owing to Pauls illness. 3-3 is a more than reasonable result as I think we were outgraded on 4 of the 6 boards.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Fixtures Monday 23 October

We have two fixtures at The Conservative Club this Monday (21st.).  The C team host Stockport B, while the E team have a visit from Macclesfield.  The E team is:

  1. Trefor Thomas
  2. Tony Doust
  3. Jeff Barlow
  4. Neil Dainty
  5. Barrie Edwards


We played our first game in the new Limit League last week at Macclesfield.
This new league gives us the opportunity to give experience to new players which is what I intend to do when possible.  Macclesfield's team included a couple of new faces, whereas for this fixture we could only field the usual suspects.  I made a horrible blunder when in a good position - so horrible I still don't want to talk about it.

  1. T. Robson   0 - 1  Tony Doust
  2. E. Nathan    1 - 0  Neil Dainty
  3. D.Styles      1 - 0  Barrie Edwards
  4. P. Curr        0 - 1  Peter Kelly
                             2 - 2