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Thursday, 14 July 2016


With more of our senior members missing than the government, we travelled to Eccles for this Alan Yarker cup match a man down, happy in the knowledge that at least we were missing the tv program of the same name.  We knew Eccles would not be particularly strong and relieved to find that two of their expected players did not arrive; five v five.

Tony Kay had equality from the opening but then blundered away a strategic pawn. After that, his position crumbled and despite a stout defence his opponent got his rooks on the 2nd rank and soon it was all over.  0-1.

I think it was another hour before anyone else finished, but my game was possibly next.  Although I play e4 I hadn't faced the Scandanavian much until recently.  I was surprised when Michael played 2...Nf6 but managed to find acceptable moves and came out of the opening with pressure on the central files and a spatial advantage.  Michael was under pressure which led to time pressure and a comfortable win. 1-1.

Next to me Tony Doust's game seemed level for a long time but no doubt his experience helped him to secure a win.   Chris is a player unlikely to falter against an inferior opponent, but falter he did.  I wonder if a gruelling club tournament game against Jeff in the afternoon was a factor?

Alan tells me he fell into a devious trap in the opening whereby he had to give up a piece for two pawns, and from that point on he had to hold on grimly. He managed to complicate the position sufficiently to cause Matthew some problems and with only just over a minute on his clock (and three on Alan's) he offered a draw which Alan accepted. The position was so complicated that maybe only a computer could have been certain what the right call was.

So, in the end it was all square 3-3, but board count led to our exit.  If only we'd had someone else, anyone...even that Cameron guy who's not doing anything...

140 Pollard, Matthew B 0.5-0.5 Hall, Alan A 148
114 Holland, Nigel 1-0 Baker, Chris EJ 136
117 Harold, Lawrence 1-0 Kay, Tony 111
95 Sosnowski, Alex 0-1 Doust, Antony 102
96 Fox, Michael 0-1 Dainty, Neil C 100
default 0.5-0.5 default