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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Chorlton A v Marple A

So near and yet so far. They had a much stronger team than in the match at Marple two weeks ago (average grade 167 instead of 140). We were outgraded on every board (not for the first time this season), but lost by only the smallest possible margin. Congratulations to Terry on beating an opponent graded more than 30 points higher. Also thanks to Barrie for agreeing to play at very short notice, and giving Alan Beresford (graded 62 points higher!) a very tough game, and (last but not least) giving Terry and me a lift back to Marple. (Barrie isn't on email, so won't see this -- we did give him our thanks last night.)

The next A team match is scheduled to be at home against Stockport Blues on Thu 13 Jan. Since the function room in the Navi may be unavailable that week (because of refurbishment -- hopefully to the heating), we may suggest to Stockport that we switch our home and away games: in that case, we'd be away on Thu 13 Jan and at home on Thu 17 Mar.

Cheers, Tony

Chorlton A Marple A
1 H.Mkhumba 0.5 G.Trueman 0.5
2 D.Owen 1 G.Kolbusz 0
3 R.Nurse 0.5 S.Hewitt 0.5
4 C.Vassiliou 0 T.Cowling 1
5 A.Sainsbury 0.5 A.Doust 0.5
6 A.Beresford 1 B.Edwards 0
--- ---
3.5 2.5

Thursday, 2 December 2010


If, like me, you only have this free version, you will probably know you cannot save your games. However you can e-mail them to yourself as a Word document. Chessbase will then attach the game to your e-mail and you can open it in Chessbase at any time!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The B team claimed another win on Monday evening, this time against Wilmslow B .

SDCL DIV 3 29/11/2010

Wilmslow B RESULT Marple B

1 Dave Booth 0.5 0.5 Jeff Barlow
2 Tony Flynn 0 1 Peter Kelly
3 Tony Guest 1 0 Roy Phillips
4 Mike Garvin 0 1 Barrie Edwards
5 Terence Horrocks 0 1 Neil Dainty

TOTALS 1.5 3.5

Winning is getting to be a habit (4 from 4) though this victory was much narrower than in other recent matches. Barrie managed another win, again it was an unusually protracted affair with his opponent losing on time though material ahead. Peter had a good endgame win converting a single extra pawn advantage and Neil continued his unbeatable form with a quick win. Well done all.

The last match before Christmas is at home on Thursday 16th December versus Stockport D. Would eligible players please let me know if they are available for this please?