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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

High Peak v Marple A

A match that looked close on paper turned out to be just that.

Things were looking good for George. First, his mobile phone rang but thanks to David Pardoe's rule change this summer, he didn't lose. He then won a piece. Sadly for George, he then blundered horribly and had to resign. This was followed quickly by draws for Michael and Glenn. I wasn't far behind. Having smashed my opponenet in the oppening I then went wrong, losing a pawn. Just when I was wondering how I might hold the position he repeated position and offered me a draw. I don't think he had had his hand grabbed quite so fast before!

Which left us one down with two to play. Paul had been a pawn down but had managed to regain it and the initiative. Another pawn soon fell and his opponent desperately tried for a swindle, sacrificing a rook in an attempt at perpetual. All to no avail. All square and down to Alex (again).

Alex had a double edged position against Robert Shaw. Unfortunately, he also had about 5 minutes for 10 moves. By the time the time control came Alex was the exchange down. But all was not lost. There was some play and perhaps drawing chances. Alex took an open file with his rook and activated his king. Suddenly, his king side pawns then started to steam roller forward and Robert's position fell apart. Before you knew what was happening, a struggle for a draw was a win and with it the match!

High Peak

Marple A


R Shaw

0 - 1

Alex Longson


M Olsson

0 - 1

Paul Kirby


R Doney

1 - 0

George Kolbusz


J Rout

½ - ½

Michael Fernandez


C Sizeland

½ - ½

Sean Hewitt


C Pinel

½ - ½

Glenn Truman

2½ - 3½

Happy days are here again! 5 points from 6 games. If we can repeat that in the second half of the season we are sure to stay up.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Match Result - Marple B v Chorlton B - 6th Jan 2011

Hi All,

It was a narrow defeat for the B team against a much strengthened Chorlton B team which brings to an end our unbeaten run. We were outgraded on all boards and heavily outgraded on most. This gave Chorlton B their first points of the season and they obviously saw our team as one of the contenders. Congratulations to Neil on yet another win.

Division 3 Match Result
Marple B Chorlton B
1 Jeff Barlow 0.5 0.5 Ian Brusby
2 Peter Kelly 0 1 Graham Phythian
3 Trefor Thomas 0 1 Howard Hughes
4 Peter Wilcox 0.5 0.5 John Haines
5 Neil Dainty 1 0 Philippe Noel


Our next match is at home to Macclesfield on Thursday week, 20th Jan followed by another home game versus Ashton on February 10th.

Happy new year everyone.