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Friday, 1 September 2017


Well, we did it. A win last night against fellow contenders Blue Club 2 saw Marple win Division B of the S.E.Lancs Summer League with 9 points from 5 matches. The next four clubs shared second place with 5.

Our opponents were not as strong as they might have been, so the teams were fairly evenly matched on most boards, but I had a weaker opponent on board 6 and Chris faced a twenty point deficit on 2.  My opponent quickly went astray and I checkmated him in 13 moves - good start.  Soon after that Glenn took the opportunity to strengthen our position, agreeing a quick draw with Tim Hilton.  But the tension increased as the remaining games did not seem to be going our way.  Toby had been an exchange up, but next time I looked a pawn was forking his Queen and Bishop.  His position then collapsed with nearly all his pieces under attack and it was all square, but with Chris half an hour behind on the clock.  On board 3 Neil Jerzynek had his Queen on the sixth rank and a strong-looking attack, but David cleverly trapped it and Neil resigned.

So spirits rose again, but the last two games looked tight.  Jeff's game seemed blocked and Chris had a good position but time problems, although he was playing well and getting a positional advantage. And then almost simultaneously it was all over.  Jeff found a move which threatened checkmate and a discovered attack on the Queen, and Mark offered Chris a draw as his position was worsening.  All over. Champions!

Thanks to those who played last night and Alan, Tony Kay, Tony Doust and Joseph who also deserve medals.  (They're aren't any).  Tony D even turned up last night just in case he was needed.  Team Spirit!

Finally as Glenn has kindly suggested I show my "beautiful game" here it is:

1.e4 e5  2. Nf3 Nf6  3. d4 exd4 4. Nxd4 Nxd4
 I have been playing the Scotch for the last few games.  It's supposedly sound at any level and allows weaker opponents opportunities to go wrong, as here:
5. Qxd4 c6  6. Nc3 a6  7.  Be2 h6
These last two moves just give me a big advantage in development
8. Be3 Qa5  9. Bd2 Bc5??  10. Qxg7 Bf8  11. Qxh8 Ne7
12. Nd5 expecting to swop off the Knights when the Queen moves, but Black's move gives me a lovely opportunity...
12...Qd8 13. Nf6#

Marple 4-2 Blue Club 2

165  Trueman, Glenn 0.5-0.5 Hilton, Tim           169
126  Baker, Chris EJ 0.5-0.5 Taylor, Mark         152
129  Preen, David W 1-0 Jerzynek, Neil       119
101  Barlow, Jeff J 1-0 Somogyi, Gabor      97
110  Brown, Toby GS 0-1 Wilson, Jeff           100
100  Dainty, Neil C 1-0 Vernon, Frank         67

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