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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ue o Muite Arukou

Not played at Chorlton Chess Club last evening -

Chorlton A 6-0 Marple A (Default)

Unfortunately I could only find three players able to play in our final match of the season so I had no option available other than to default. Fortunately Chorlton had already won the League ( Congratulations to them) so there was nothing really at stake but even so it was a very sad way to end things. It's perhaps indicative of the problems evening league chess faces that our last two matches have been a 6-0 default win and a 6-0 default loss.....

After five years captaining various Marple teams and three years captaining our A team I am now standing down. I simply don't have enough time to continue. I hope someone can be persuaded to take over - I will give them all the help I can. Many thanks to everyone who has played or driven for us in this period, it has been much appreciated by me.

To finish on a chess note (sort of) I am indebted to Andy Jenkins for solving something that has puzzled me for years.  Saemisch - Capablanca : Karlsbad 1929: started 1d4 Nf6 2c4 e6 3Nc3 Bb4 4a3 Bc3:+ 5bc: d6 6f3 e5 7e4 Nc6 8Be3 b6 9Bd3 Ba6??? 10Qa4 Bb7 11d5 winning a piece. How could such a brilliant player overlook something so trivial? - and equally puzzling why did Capa not resign?. He carried on playing a hopelessly lost position until move 62.....

The  explanation is as follows - after Saemischs 9th move Capa became aware that both his wife and his mistress were in the playing hall, a double attack that even the great Cuban could not deal with....

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